'Liverpool Health Trainer Service'

Why lose weightWe at the health trainer service work hard to help our clients succeed in losing weight. Everyone at some stage of there life has had problems with either losing weight or actually putting it on.

There is one simple yet easy answer to losing weight and keeping it off and it’s as simple as this:

Exercise + Healthy Eating = Weight Loss

Everyone is different and everyone’s weight loss journey is different. You need to start of with ensuring you are fully committed and ready as it’s not easy. However, with our help, support, guidance and motivation we can make it as easy as we can.

You need to make sure you are willing to make changes and put in a little hard work and effort. The final key ingredient is to make sure you plan for it and give yourself enough time to get prepared and ready, as once you start there will be no looking back.

A member of the team will work with you to individually plan your journey; this includes exploring what has and has not worked in the past for you. Remember, everyone is different and it may take a little while longer for you to lose weight then a friend or family member.

If you have been an avid dieter In the past this may also prevent you from losing weight quickly or you may lose weight quickly to begin with and then plateau. This is largely down to your bodies previous experience. Do not let it put you off, with time an effort the weight will come off and stay off.

You can check if you're a healthy weight for your height by using the BMI healthy weight calculator on the NHS website