'Liverpool Health Trainer Service'

Drinking too much can affect you in so many different ways. It’s easy to get carried away with your alcohol intake and the number of units you are consuming within a week.

At the health trainer service we will work to help support you into looking at ways to reduce your weekly intake and support you in receiving any further help if necessary.

If you feel you are drinking too much and would like some additional 1-1 support, contact us today.

Alcohol and Calories

Did you know that a glass of wine has the same calorie content as a slice of cake and that a pint of lager is the calorific equivalent of a burger? Alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting natural starch and sugars – this includes drinks such as wine, beer, cider and spirits. High sugar content in your drink equates to high calorie content. Calories in alcohol are ’empty’ calories as they have no nutritional content what so ever.

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